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June 21-23, 2021

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June 21, 2021
8:30am – 9:30am
Title Description Speaker(s)
Lessons From the Pandemic A Conversation with Supt. Hofmeister and Student Advisory Council Members Joy Hofmeister
10:30am – 12:00pm
Professional Learning for Educators – A Harvest of Online Modules Join educators on the OKEdge learning platform to discover a bounty of professional development modules for asynchronous learning on your schedule. Enrich your knowledge on topics ranging from content areas to social-emotional learning, cultural responsiveness and more. We recommend having a second device or browser window available to browse the site on your own to fully engage in the session. Susan Pinson
Supporting Outcomes for Students With Disabilities in the General Education Classroom Most students with disabilities receive instruction in the general education classroom. We will explore strategies for general education teachers and their work in achieving positive outcomes for students receiving special education services. Jill Hilst, Michele DeBerry, and Chelsea Bowlan
Assessing and Addressing Unfinished Student Learning This session will support educators across content areas and grade levels with effective strategies for assessing student learning and determining student needs. Leave with strategies you can use to intentionally support students throughout the academic year. Christine Koerner and Dawn Irons
Supporting Students with Foundational Mathematics PK-5 Teachers in this session will explore resources that assist students in building foundational skills in the areas of number sense and fluency, place value, problem solving, and justification. Learn how to create engaging and sense-making experiences for students. Susan Kirk and Gena Barnhill
Understanding the Basics of Trauma in a Multi-tiered System of Support Explore the Oklahoma Trauma-Informed Framework and how it is used to promote an understanding of the basics of trauma. School staff will find ideas to support students’ academic, behaviorial and mental health needs. Elizabeth Suddath
1:00pm – 2:30pm
Understanding School Threats Educators will be introduced to the Student Behavioral Threat Assessment to help them understand risk factors and the pathway to intended violence. This tool will support students and staff in feeling safe and secure in their school communities. Jon Parker
English Language Arts (ELA) Makeover: How to Transform Instruction to Reflect the Revised Oklahoma Academic Standards After discovering minor and substantial shifts in the revised English Language Arts Standards, participants will determine how classroom instruction might also shift. Participants will practice braiding standards into a lesson to accelerate student learning and will discover resources to support implementation of the standards. Deb Wade and Jason Stephenson
Foundational Strategies of Culturally Responsive Teaching Educators will explore how to lay the foundation for culturally responsive teaching practices for all grade levels. Attendees will take away practical and evidence-based strategies to provide all students with equitable opportunities to engage in their learning. Ashley Moore and Andrea Chrisman
A Blueprint for Successful Virtual or Blended Instruction Many districts plan to continue aspects of virtual and blended instruction during the 2021-22 school year. We will examine the seven areas of focus that help ensure virtual/blended instruction is effective for teachers and students. Participants will walk away with tools and resources to support program improvement. Karen Leonard
School-Based Mental Health Multi-Tiered System of Supports and Crisis Implications Educators will learn how to meet the mental health needs of their students by appropriately structuringa menu of interventions within a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). Implications for both virtual and in-person school-based crisis response when necessitated beyond Tier 3 will also be discussed. Beth Whittle and Trisha Goga
June 22, 2021
8:30am – 9am
Title Description Speaker(s)
Crisis and Transformation Joy Hofmeister
10:30am – 12:00pm
Title Description Speaker(s)
Creating a Positive Team Dialogue in Support of All Students The past year has brought social uncertainty and frustration related to community health and racial interactions. This session will provide tools for adults to facilitate uncomfortable conversations and address barriers keeping us from establishing trusted relationships that all students expect and deserve. Robyn Miller and Marissa Lightsey
One Stop Shopping for Social Studies: Teaching and Assessment Ideas From the Social Studies Curriculum Frameworks Recommendations from veteran Oklahoma social studies educators are featured in the newly revised and enhanced curriculum frameworks, offering inquiry-based lessons, classroom-ready resources, and samples of engaging formative assessment ideas to let students show what they know and determine student needs. Find it all at your fingertips. Brenda Chapman and Pam Merril
Supporting Elementary Students with Research-Based Literacy Instruction We will discuss how the revised ELA standards support effective learning within the literacy block, along with key shifts in learning from early to upper elementary. We will also analyze how essential reading and writing skills are braided together to build successful readers and writers. Melissa Ahlgrim and Deb Wade
Improving School Climate and Student Well-being: Instituting Systemic School-Based Social-Emotional Learning Participants will learn how to institute social-emotional learning (SEL) within a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). By incorporating SEL into core academic instruction and structuring more intensive SEL interventions, educators can increase student resilience when faced with adversity. The new Oklahoma SEL Competencies and Program Planning Guide will be discussed, and resources for implementation will be provided. Blaire Harrison and Jenna Jones
Bullying Prevention in the Multi-tiered System of Support Framework Students are more likely to engage in risky behaviors when they feel unsafe in school. Tailored for classroom educators, this session will explore the association of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and bullying, effective bullying prevention strategies and how to support students in developing hope and resilience. Tosin Akande
1:00pm – 2:30pm
Strategies for Supporting English Learners Before, During and After a Lesson or Unit Attendees will discover how to best support English Learners and build an English Learner Unit Starter Support Pack to facilitate learning for all students. Educators will take away strategies that can be implemented immediately. Janna Corn
Getting Up-to-Speed Without Hitting the Breaks: Innovative Strategies for Addressing Unfinished Learning There are many opportunities to ensure students are engaging in grade-level content next year without having to slow down to “reteach” missed content or skip over grade-level concepts. Attendees will hear from schools implementing effective strategies and will walk away with resources and ideas for implementing in your local context. Tiffany Neill
Well-Rounded, World-Ready: Strengthen Your Core By Serving the Whole Student When students engage in challenging content in world languages, the arts, and health and physical education, their attendance improves and academic and career success follows. Participants in this session will explore the research, content standards, and ways these disciplines strengthen other content. Elizabeth Maughan, Cathleen Skinner and Shana Classen
Promoting Positive School Climate through Comprehensive Prevention Programming Learn how to use the prevention program planning guide to identify student needs. Participants will learn how to select evidence-based curriculum, implement comprehensive social-emotional learning (SEL) promotion/ at-risk prevention programs and align current intiatives in a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). Elizabeth Suddath and Amanda Sellers
Work-Based Learning: Maximizing Student Engagement and Career Connections in Classrooms and Virtual Spaces Guiding your students on the path toward future careers enhances achievement and success. We will explore work-based learning activities and resources, concepts to help your students develop essential skills and foster a growth mindset, and strategies for educators to make career connections in all grade levels to support student readiness. Chelsea Hunt
June 23, 2021
10:30am – 12:00pm
Title Description Speaker(s)
Advocacy, Outreach, and Leadership for Special Education Effective school administrators articulate a vision that all students are capable of learning and that the school community is responsible for meeting their educational needs. This session will highlight critical areas of focus for school leaders in supporting students with disabilities. Todd Loftin and Christa Knight
Navigating Science Learning: Are You Looking for a Map? Join science educators from all grade bands in exploring how to use the updated Science Curriculum Frameworks as a guide in planning student-driven investigations. Participants will explore new student and teacher actions that leverage science and engineering practices for engaging students while figuring out science ideas. Heather Johnston and Susan Wray
Differentiating Instruction in the Post-Pandemic Classroom With an emphasis on post-pandemic needs, this session highlights the diverse learning situations of students and how teachers can differentiate and enrich classroom instruction appropriately. Review how evidence-based models inform practical teaching strategies to meet the needs of all learners within a classroom. Ashley Moore and Tiffany Neill
All Means All: Creating Whole School Buy-In for ICAP Implementation All Oklahomans have a stake in ensuring students have a successful future. Join us as we discuss implementation of ICAP processes that involve counselors, faculty, and school leaders, working together to support students as they strive to achieve their individual goals and dreams. Marissa Lightsey
1:00pm – 2:30pm
Motivating Secondary Students in Mathematics Join secondary math educators to explore quality math instructional practices and course options that develop students’ mathematical identities, help them see the relevance of mathematics in the “real world,” and prepare students for postsecondary opportunities. Christine Koerner and New Secondary Math Director
Kindergarten Readiness: Supporting Students and Families to and Through the Kindergarten Year Early childhood educators and administrators in this session will explore the key components of kindergarten readiness and consider how to support families as they help their children be ready for and thrive in kindergarten. Educators will learn how to ensure students are ready for kindergarten and support them throughout their kindergarten year. Lauren Jenks Jones and New Early Childhood Speacilist
Family Engagement: Launching Your Journey At the heart of family engagement is a focus on the inclusion of all families as equal partners in their children’s learning. Supported by years of research and growing calls for meaningful family engagement, the Oklahoma Family Engagement Framework explores four pathways designed to guide the work of building strong family, school and community partnerships. Join us as we bring the research and your local experience together to create a vision for family engagement. Sonia Johnson
Not On My Watch! Using Academic Counseling to Identify, Monitor and Support the Needs of All Students How do you support the at-risk, advanced or apathetic student while managing schedules, enrollment, testing, credits, Individual Career Academic Plans, concurrent enrollment, CareerTech and other duties? Participants will explore how to use those tasks to encourage all students to persevere toward graduation and transition into postsecondary opportunities. Petra Woodard

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